Improving Your Practice with Five Easy Steps

In order to make your medical practice run like clockwork, you must streamline the business activities. That being said, here are five easy steps for improving your practice. Streamline your scheduling process Poor scheduling is one of the biggest causes of patient dissatisfaction. That is because it will create longer wait times, confusion, overbooked days […]

Reduce Your Work Load by Using a 24/7 Medical Answering Service

As a medical professional it can be difficult for your staff to manage customer service in addition to your countless other duties. Likewise, patients hate being put on hold or being unable to receive customer service due to limited hours or busy phone lines. The best solution to this problem is to find good medical answering […]

When Disaster Strikes – Our Medical Answering Services Are There!

A local disaster can strike at any time, and you should be prepared for them to happen. The first step in this regard is to make certain that you have the right tools in place to field the initial medical emergency phone call. At MedConnectUSA, we are prepared to handle your practice’s medical emergency phone calls. […]

HIPAA Regulations Effect on Dentists

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was established to address security of healthcare data in our increasingly high-tech world. Make sure you understand the effects of this act on your dental practice to ensure that your business remains in compliance. Just as it applies to civil and criminal law, ignorance of HIPAA requirements is […]

HIPAA Changes Are You Compliant?

In the wake of HIPAA’s Omnibus Rule, which went into full effect on September 23, 2013, a round of audits is being prepared by its enforcement arm, the Office for Civil Rights (OCA). Have you ensured that your business is in full compliance with these new measures? Reviewing procedures now can prevent serious issues down […]