Big Changes Coming for Medical Malpractice Coverage

As the healthcare field changes, largely due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the risk profile of professionals and organizations changes along with it. Insurance providers are working to keep pace with their medical malpractice liability coverage. In addition to products, carriers are being expected to provide solutions to help the insured cope with the […]

General Practioners and the Real World of Medicine

When beginning their medical career, physicians traditionally take the Hippocratic oath. In doing so, they swear to practice honestly and for the good of their patients to the best of of their ability and judgment. In the real world of medicine, is there sometimes a disconnect between general practitioners and their patients? While healthcare is […]

California is Set to Make Some Sweeping Changes for Doctors

Healthcare providers and consumer groups alike will have their eyes on California this fall. A voter initiative to raise limits on medical malpractice awards and require drug testing for physicians recently qualified to be included on the November ballot. Attorneys and insurance companies are gearing up for a renewal of their long-standing battle. The state’s […]

The New Trend: Male Specialty Care

When it comes to healthcare, men have traditionally had to be dragged kicking and screaming for any type of treatment, no matter how minor. Some clinics and centers on the East Coast are trying to reverse that tendency by offering services directed primarily at male healthcare needs. The past trend of female-centric healthcare stemmed in […]

Patient Retention Tips

Unlike many other products and services in the market, healthcare is something that everyone needs. However, that doesn’t mean that as a provider you can sit back and let patients come to you. Increased competition and greater patient expectations have raised the bar for the optimum customer experience. Today’s successful healthcare organization must provide an […]