Help Your Senior Patients to be Healthier by Encouraging Screenings

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin’s words are particularly relevant for your senior patients, who can avoid or at least minimize serious health issues with proactive wellness screenings. Getting them to follow this advice can be another story entirely. While preventive care means better health for your patients and […]

Is This the Face of the Future for Your Practice?

Pope John Paul II got it right when he said, “The future starts today, not tomorrow.” To maintain quality care and ensure the continued success of your private practice, you must continually seek new ways of interacting with your patients and providing the medical services they need. Patients are not likely to study new technology, […]

Three Tips for More Efficient Appointment Scheduling

Patient scheduling can sometimes seem like trying to solve a Rubik’s cube. You twist and turn the parts, hoping to achieve a pattern that stays just out of reach. But effective scheduling methods result in greater satisfaction for employees and patients along with improved profitability. Do you have formal procedures in place for creating daily […]

Top Business Management Tips Your OB/GYN Practice

Successful private practices possess pride of ownership and business-oriented mindset that is essential in today’s competitive healthcare environment. Keep opportunities open and enhance the success of your practice with the help of these five effective business management tips: 1. Develop a plan and follow through.Create a roadmap and strategize how to get there. Attend a […]