Month: March 2017

How One Superstar Doctor Uses Social Media to Benefit Patients

Medical answering services are one way of staying in touch with patients, however one doctor’s ability to connect with patients via social media is gaining him a lot of press. Dr. Kevin Campbell, MD, FACC and internationally-recognized cardiologist has earned a reputation as a social media evangelist given his predisposition for this relatively new medical […]

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No-Call/No-Shows Costing You? Trim the Fat with Text Messaging Appointment Reminders

You employ the help of medical call center services to keep you informed of patient needs, but are you keeping patients informed of yours? ­Missed appointment are bad for everyone, mucking up the works for your staff and your patients. Unfortunately, reminder postcards get mixed-up in the mail, your unfamiliar number (and phone reminders) unanswered, […]

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Texting? When Do You Need Specific Patient Consent?

Text messaging, also known as SMS, is blowing up, and with good reason. Even top medical call center services utilize texting. Uber-effective, 98% of text recipients read messages 90% within 3 minutes. Offering simple and effective communication, healthcare providers are scrambling to take advantage of its high contact and rapid response rate. But not so […]

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