Can a Daytime Answering Service Help Your Clinic or Practice?

Daytime Answering Service

When you think of a medical answering service, you probably imagine a company that answers calls on the evenings and weekends. They take messages and dispatch urgent calls to on-call staff. This is a correct understanding and is a common function of healthcare answering services. However, a medical telephone answering service is for more than […]

Don’t Overlook the Benefits of Voice Mail

Benefits of Voice Mail

When considering communication options for your healthcare operations, don’t dismiss the convenience of voice mail. Although voice mail may not be suitable for all patient-facing communication situations, it does offer many compelling advantages in the right scenarios. Voice mail offers attractive benefits that can’t be overlooked. Consider these as you plan the optimum solutions to […]

Do You Have a Disaster Recovery Plan for Your Communications Services?

disaster recovery plan

How long could you stay in business if you lost your phone service and the ability to communicate with patients? And if you could continue to function, what would be the short-term impact to cash flow and the long-term impact on the viability of your organization? These are heavy questions. That’s why forward-thinking leaders make […]

Providing Secure Messaging is More Than Good Business

Secure Messaging

If you’re part of the healthcare industry, you know the importance of protecting the personal information of your patients. Not only is this a legal requirement, but it’s also a wise business practice. Secure messaging not only applies to your organization but also to your business associates (BA), such as your medical answering service. And […]