Should You Go with a Local Medical Answering Service?

local medical answering service

With today’s advanced technology it doesn’t really matter where your answering service is located. They can be next door, across town, or in a different state. They can even be in a different country. But is that what you want? Should you hire a local medical answering service instead? Though it’s feasible for your answering […]

Why Medical Answering Services Matter

healthcare industry

Some doctors don’t care who’s answering their phone, as long as it’s answered. This view is shortsighted, as the doctor’s career and their practice’s success are at stake. That’s why it’s critical to hire a quality answering service. But beyond hiring a quality answering service is to hire a quality medical answering service. Here’s why […]

How Long Does It Take to Start Using a Medical Answering Service?

start answering service

How long should it take to start an answering service once you decide you want to move forward? That’s a great question. Some medical answering services claim to be able to do this in just a few minutes, while others take three or four days. Beware of both extremes. Here’s why. How to Start Service […]