You Shouldn’t Have to Ask to Speak to a Manager

speak to the manager

The typical way of handling customer service issues at call centers is to let low-level employees attempt to address all concerns. For the items they can’t handle, they pass callers on to someone with a bit more experience. Eventually you might get to talk to a supervisor, and if they can’t resolve it then you […]

Discover Why Medical Call Center Experience Matters

experience matters

Any answering service can claim to offer quality service. But not all can follow through by providing it. One smart way to differentiate one call center from another is by looking at how much experience they have. When it comes to a medical call center, experience matters even more. A Long History of Accomplishment  To […]

How Long Are You Willing to Hold?

patient hold time

When you call someplace how long are you willing to hold before you grow irritated? Close your eyes, and slowly count to thirty. That’s about thirty seconds, which is equivalent to five rings. This is also the typical length of a television commercial. Most people are willing to wait that long.  Now, how long do […]