Is Your Medical Answering Service Always Prepared?

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How ready is your answering service to provide you with the support you need when conditions change suddenly, and unprecedented situations evolve overnight? A basic answering service can’t pivot so quickly. That’s why it’s important to have a competent medical answering service handle the calls for your practice, clinic, or healthcare facility. Their industry focus […]

Does Your Medical Answering Service Stand the Test of Time?

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We are in the middle of an unprecedented situation. It’s affecting everyone, but the healthcare industry stands at the epicenter of it. They feel the pressure more profoundly than anyone else. As practices, clinics, and healthcare facilities struggle to grapple with this trying situation of meeting increased patient demand, often with less staff and under […]

Is Your Medical Call Center Falling Apart or Arising to the Occasion?

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In a time when medical practices, clinics, and healthcare facilities turn to their call centers for more support in providing essential communication services they can encounter one of two outcomes. For those organizations that carefully chose a medical call center that specializes exclusively in the healthcare industry and has built a robust platform and hired […]