How to Find the Best Medical Answering Service: Why Using Price Is a Bad Call

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The first thing most people ask when looking for a new answering service is, “What are your rates?” They don’t say this because it’s the best question, but because it’s the one they most readily understand. But this won’t help anyone find the best medical answering service.  If you care about your callers and desire […]

Do Your Patients Want Automation or a Real Person?

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When patients call your organization, do they want to talk to a human being or a machine? In most all cases they desire the special attention of a person, not the impersonal touch of technology. The only time that technology may win out is to find quick answers to simple questions when people aren’t readily […]

Tips in Selecting a Medical Answering Service: Not All Providers Are the Same

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Don’t Shop on Price   The cost of a product or service is something that everyone readily understands. It’s easy to ask and tangible. You can write it down or put it in a spreadsheet. You can run calculations and make projections. Price provides a straightforward way to compare the cost of two providers. It’s also […]