Why 24/7 Phone Coverage Is Necessary for Your Practice

24/7 phone coverage

Your medical practice or clinic is open about one fourth of a week’s 168 hours, yet you need 24/7 phone coverage. Here’s why.  Yes, most patients know they should try to interact with you during office hours. Yet healthcare concerns don’t limit themselves to a certain time-of-day or day-of-week. They pop up whenever they want […]

Use a Medical Call Center to Better Focus on Your Core Competencies

core competencies

Whatever area of healthcare you’re in, you have a desire to help people with their medical needs. This may be directly as a practitioner or healthcare service organization. It could also be indirectly as an organization that offers support to various segments of the healthcare industry. In meeting these needs you developed core competencies that […]

A Medical Answering Service Is Essential When Healthcare Outcomes Matter

medical answering service

Some business-minded healthcare managers view their answering service as a cost to contain. This is a shortsighted approach when it comes to the long-term viability of a practice, clinic, or healthcare facility. Instead, the wise perspective is to embrace the truth that a medical answering service is essential when it comes to providing holistic patient […]