Beware the General-Purpose Answering Service

general-purpose answering service

Most answering services will take on any client, from any industry. These are general-purpose answering services, and they make up most of the providers in the industry. While they may claim to offer quality service to every client regardless of the situation, the reality is that they can’t effectively be all things to all people.  […]

Is Your Answering Service Good at Juggling Phone Calls?

juggling phone calls

Answering services provide a shared service, with their team members working for multiple clients. One agent will handle a call for one client, then answer a call for a second, and then go on to the third. In a way it’s like juggling. But instead of juggling balls, they’re juggling phone calls. Does juggling impress […]

Do You Feel Like Your Answering Service Has Too Many Balls in the Air?

balls in the air

At even the best answering services one employee does work for multiple clients. This is a normal answering service practice used to provide high value at a fair price. Yet to maximize profits too many answering services push this model too far. The upshot is that each employee ends up trying to do too much, […]