4 Effective Ways to Drive Patient Acquisition

Patient Acquisition

A medical practice may not seem to have much in common with a retail business, but there is one important aspect they both share: the constant need to build customer and patient bases. Even your current base is subject to attrition due to factors such as families moving out of town.

Your marketing plan should include on-going methods to increase your patient acquisition. Here are four tips that don’t cost a lot of money but pay big dividends.

Raise your search engine visibility

Think tank Pew Research issued a report in 2012 indicating that one out of three adults looks for health and medical information online, with more than three-quarters of those using a search engine. Take advantage of that built-in audience with a well-designed website, including an active blog and strategic use of keywords.

Add your practice to directory listings

While people rarely use phone directories to actually find numbers, they are searchable, adding to your online visibility. Make sure you’re included in industry-specific directories such as AMA’s DoctorFinder.

Leverage social media platforms

Do you have an active, up-to-date Facebook page and Twitter profile? Social media provides a perfect avenue for informal interaction with current and prospective patients.

Use targeted email marketing

Partner with a provider in a related field who regularly sends newsletters and other material to an email address list. Purchase ad space on the mailings and include a strong call-to-action for readers to sign up on your own email list.

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