5 Easy Steps to Build Patient Satisfaction with Your Practice

Build Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction has many components besides positive outcomes from the care they receive. Excellent customer service and communication helps retain patients, improve online reviews, and elevate the practices standing in the community.

Here are 5 important tips for you and your staff to improve patient satisfaction rates: 

Great first impressions. Patients may be under severe stress, and they may be entering your office for the very first time. Greet everyone who walks in. On the phone, all staff should state their name and explain every transfer and hold.

Practice good listening skills. Make eye contact and truly listen when patients speak. Even when a patient just needs to vent. They will feel respected and place greater trust in the care provided if they have been heard.

Don’t wait for complaints. When a medical practice only responds to vocal complaints, unspoken concerns go unaddressed. You spend time helping only the most difficult to please patients. Staff should be able to read body language and intonation to respond dynamically, before a patient leaves unsatisfied.

Make sure all staff understands confidentiality. Making an effort to build patient satisfaction can involve more conversations  but staff should be careful not to speak loudly or in the wrong part of the office where other patients can hear to avoid patient confidentiality problems.

Follow through and be accountable. Set expectations that you can reach. Employ efficient patient scheduling to keep appointments flowing on time. When things change, notify patients immediately.

Remember that patient satisfaction covers everything from phone conversations to the waiting room to the actual care provided. Contact MedConnectUSA to discover more ways to improve patient satisfaction at your medical practice.