Big Changes Coming for Medical Malpractice Coverage

As the healthcare field changes, largely due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the risk profile of professionals and organizations changes along with it. Insurance providers are working to keep pace with their medical malpractice liability coverage. In addition to products, carriers are being expected to provide solutions to help the insured cope with the changing marketplace.

Along with new regulations and requirements, healthcare organizations are dealing with major consolidation. Individual physicians are joining larger practices or hospital and care is being facilitated across a wide spectrum of different medical specialties.

While insurers such as MMIC in Minneapolis are working with their agents on how they can serve clients, they’re facing a lot of uncertainly as the ramifications of the ACA continue to unfold. One option has been to partner with accountable care organizations (ACO), which have been a popular outgrowth of the ACA regulations.

The struggle with these new healthcare models is that they incorporate physician practices that have not been part of traditional medical malpractice coverage. MMIC is working to build a product that addresses all liability exposures incumbent with an ACO. The goal is to provide additional value by helping new ACOs determine a structure and how much risk will be assumed.

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