Is Your Answering Service Going to Let You Down Again This Holiday Season?

your holiday

Think back to the holidays last year. Hopefully you have happy memories of time spent with family and friends, celebrating life with them. But what about your telephone answering service? Did your answering service make this time better? Or did their disappointing work dampen your holiday spirit and thwart the joy you anticipated to experience […]

Receive the Attention You Deserve

you deserve

Does your answering service provide you with the attention you deserve? Are they attentive to your needs? Do they meet your expectations?  How your answering service handles your calls and treats your patients is of critical importance in your overall effort to provide quality healthcare. Don’t let them be the weak link in your operation. […]

Does Your Answering Service Focus on Your Practice?

focus on your practice

Do you ever feel like your answering service doesn’t give your practice the attention you deserve? Maybe it’s the lackluster way they answer your phone calls. Perhaps it’s giving out incorrect information to your patients. Or could it be that they take incomplete messages? This shows they have a lack a focus on your practice. […]

Is It Just a Phone Call or a Patient’s Healthcare Needs?

healthcare needs

In providing appropriate accessibility for your patients 24/7, there’s a balance to pursue between a healthy workload for the provider and a fitting responsiveness to patients. A smart move to wisely manage these often-conflicting goals is to tap the services of a full-featured medical answering service. A healthcare answering service can answer your patients’ calls […]

Do You Need a Medical Answering Service or a Healthcare Call Center?

healthcare call center

A medical answering service answers phone calls for healthcare providers and takes messages from patients and callers. They hold routine messages for the office the next day, and they reach the person on-call with urgent situations. But what if your needs exceed the scope of your answering service’s capabilities?  Then you need a healthcare call […]

Your Medical Answering Service and Spring Cleaning

spring cleaning

It’s that time of year when many people’s thoughts turned to spring cleaning, that time to wash away the grime of winter and prepare for a new season of life. Many view this as an opportunity to throw away what is old and worn to make room for what is new and fresh. Though your […]

How to Master Change

how to master change

Change occurs rapidly in the healthcare industry, perhaps more so than any other area. Just consider the vast number of changes that occurred within the past year. The list can overwhelm. That’s why it’s important to master change.  Most of these changes came from external pressures that forced a response. The healthcare industry, as well […]

Patients Want the Human Touch When They Call

human touch

Your patients call you when they have a need. It could be a healthcare concern, to schedule an appointment, or to seek clarification on medical instructions. They might be inquiring about insurance, a charge, or making a payment. Or it may be something completely different. Regardless, they call you because they need your help. When […]

Have Your Healthcare Call Center Do More for You

healthcare call center

As you look forward to the future, now is the time—more so than ever before—to think strategically. Look at the business model for your healthcare organization and consider what you can change to produce better and more effective outcomes. Do this throughout your organization, optimizing every department and process.  As you do so don’t overlook […]

Elevating the Role of the Telephone on Healthcare

healthcare industry

In recent months we’ve seen the telephone rise in importance for the healthcare industry. With the push to do fewer things in person, the need arises to do more things remotely. In this, the telephone has risen to the occasion to become a critical communication tool for the healthcare industry in this new era of […]