Did Your Answering Service Let You Down This Holiday Season?

let you down

How did your telephone answering service perform for you this holiday season? Did they delight you with excellence? Or did they let you down? Too often, if they let you down once, they’ll do it again . . . and again . . . and again.  And to let you down during the holiday season—when […]

Give Yourself a Gift That Gives All Year Long

give yourself a gift

This is a time of year when we give gifts to others, buying presents for family, friends, and staff. But once you’ve covered these three groups of people, you can also give a gift to yourself. This year, give yourself a gift that doesn’t go bad, doesn’t get used up, and doesn’t ever have to […]

Is Your Answering Service Like a Bad Santa?

bad Santa answering service

Is Your Answering Service Like a Bad Santa? What comes to mind when you think of Santa Claus? Is it a jolly old man (or grandmotherly woman) who loves children, shares joy, and gives good gifts? When we take our children to visit St. Nick, we expect them to have a positive experience and form […]

Be Thankful for Your Answering Service

be thankful

Customer service personnel are fair game for anyone who wants to complain. Though this has been a too-common pastime for years, the intensity and ferocity has increased in recent months. Anyone in a customer-facing role—or a patient-facing position—counters greater scrutiny, higher expectations, and lower patience now than at any time in history. People today are […]

Don’t Let a Bad Answering Service Ruin Your Holidays

dont ruin your holidays

We celebrate holidays throughout the year, but the ones that happen near the end of the year and move us into the next are the ones that many people look forward to the most. We anticipate the time that we’ll spend with family and friends, some who we see often and others, not often enough. […]

Is Your Answering Service Going to Let You Down Again This Holiday Season?

your holiday

Think back to the holidays last year. Hopefully you have happy memories of time spent with family and friends, celebrating life with them. But what about your telephone answering service? Did your answering service make this time better? Or did their disappointing work dampen your holiday spirit and thwart the joy you anticipated to experience […]

Do You Feel Your Practice Doesn’t Receive the Attention You Deserve?

attention you deserve

You hire an answering service to handle the after-hours telephone communications for your medical practice. With this comes expectations on your part for quality outcomes. But do you ever wonder if your practice receives the attention you deserve? Here are some warning signs that your answering service lacks focus. They Don’t Answer Your Line Correctly  […]

Do You Have Your Answering Service’s Full Attention?

full attention

Do you ever wonder what goes on at your answering service? Do you sometimes suspect they aren’t giving you their full attention, as if they’re sleeping on the job, throwing a party, or just plain goofing off? Of course, you’ll never know these things for sure because you’re not there, but you can look for […]

Is Your Answering Service Sleeping on the Job?

Sleeping on the job

Some answering services, particularly small ones, may allow their staff to sleep at work. Seriously. Sleeping on the job has happened—especially late in the evening and on third shift. Though this is most assuredly not acceptable here and at other leading medical answering services, be aware that this can happen.  And sometimes a fatigued agent […]

Receive the Attention You Deserve

you deserve

Does your answering service provide you with the attention you deserve? Are they attentive to your needs? Do they meet your expectations?  How your answering service handles your calls and treats your patients is of critical importance in your overall effort to provide quality healthcare. Don’t let them be the weak link in your operation. […]