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Let Your Medical Answering Service Make a Great First Impression

I’m sure you’re familiar with the old saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” For many healthcare organizations, this first impression occurs over the phone. What type of impact does your telephone communications have when patients call you? What about when they reach your medical answering service? Consider these telephone […]

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How to Find the Best Medical Answering Service: Why Using Price Is a Bad Call

The first thing most people ask when looking for a new answering service is, “What are your rates?” They don’t say this because it’s the best question, but because it’s the one they most readily understand. But this won’t help anyone find the best medical answering service.  If you care about your callers and desire […]

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Have Your Healthcare Call Center Do More for You

As you look forward to the future, now is the time—more so than ever before—to think strategically. Look at the business model for your healthcare organization and consider what you can change to produce better and more effective outcomes. Do this throughout your organization, optimizing every department and process.  As you do so don’t overlook […]

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