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What Are Common On-Call Scenarios for Medical Practices?

The healthcare industry is an around-the-clock effort that never closes. This is because people’s health concerns don’t follow a convenient nine-to-five, Monday-through-Friday schedule. That’s why most medical practices tap the services of a professional medical answering service. They want to be available to their patients 24/7, whenever a need arises, but they must also guard […]

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5 Easy Steps to Build Patient Satisfaction with Your Practice

Build Patient Satisfaction Patient satisfaction has many components besides positive outcomes from the care they receive. Excellent customer service and communication helps retain patients, improve online reviews, and elevate the practices standing in the community. Here are 5 important tips for you and your staff to improve patient satisfaction rates:  Great first impressions. Patients may […]

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10 Easy Steps to Improving Your Medical Practice Staff’s Productivity

Tips to Improve Productivity Get your entire office team on board for a much needed productivity boost with these 10 common sense medical practice tips: 1. Be an early bird.Get to the office 10-15 minutes early and be organized – not frazzled. 2. Keep it clean.A work environment free of clutter minimizes distractions and stress. […]

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