Receive the Attention You Deserve

you deserve

Does your answering service provide you with the attention you deserve? Are they attentive to your needs? Do they meet your expectations?  How your answering service handles your calls and treats your patients is of critical importance in your overall effort to provide quality healthcare. Don’t let them be the weak link in your operation. […]

Tips in Selecting a Medical Answering Service: Not All Providers Are the Same

medical answering service

Don’t Shop on Price   The cost of a product or service is something that everyone readily understands. It’s easy to ask and tangible. You can write it down or put it in a spreadsheet. You can run calculations and make projections. Price provides a straightforward way to compare the cost of two providers. It’s also […]

Transition Your Telephone into Fall


Last month we talked about how it was an ideal time to update your account information with your medical answering service. By providing them with complete, up-to-date information, your answering service is in the best position to serve you with excellence. Hopefully, you’ve taken care of this, but if not, there’s still time. Now that […]

3 Keys to Successful Phone Calls

successful phone calls

Too many healthcare business managers and professionals don’t bother to teach their employees how to answer the telephone. They assume that if people can talk, they must have the basic skills required to use the phone. This is incorrect. Achieving successful phone calls requires intentional effort. Yes, some people have terrific communication skills that naturally […]

Don’t Expect Quality from a Call Center You Selected on Price

call center investment

How do you view the call center that manages your healthcare communications? Too many managers treat their call center as an irritating line item on a cash-strapped budget. Others strive to control their call center cost, keeping the expense as low as possible—regardless of the outcome. However, the enlightened viewpoint of astute healthcare professionals is […]

What Happens to Your After-Hours Healthcare Phone Calls?

after-hours healthcare phone calls

During office hours there’s always someone to answer phone calls. The task may fall to a specific person, to a department or group of people, or to “whoever is most available.” Answering ringing phone calls is critical because each call represents two things. First is a caller with the need they hope you can address. […]

Is Your Answering Service Ready When Your Staff Goes on Vacation?


It’s been a rough year in the healthcare industry, and as summer approaches, many people turn their attention to vacation. And this year some employees will desperately need a break from work, perhaps more so than at any other time. Though that time off may look different this year than from other years, employees will […]

Do You Want a Call Center That Is a Generalist or a Specialist?

specialty call center

In the healthcare industry, doctors have a choice of being a general practitioner or focusing on one specialty. Both are viable pursuits depending on the preferences and goals of each person. A generalist will cover an array of medical needs and must have a basic familiarity across a wide range of healthcare services. In contrast, […]

What If You Need More Than a Medical Answering Service?

professional medical call center

Medical telephone answering services answer phone calls from your patients, take their messages, and process those messages according to your specifications. This is simple enough and straightforward. But what if you need a company that will do more than just take messages? What if you need more than a medical answering service? A Medical Call […]