What Are Common On-Call Scenarios for Medical Practices?

on-call scenarios

The healthcare industry is an around-the-clock effort that never closes. This is because people’s health concerns don’t follow a convenient nine-to-five, Monday-through-Friday schedule. That’s why most medical practices tap the services of a professional medical answering service. They want to be available to their patients 24/7, whenever a need arises, but they must also guard […]

Tips to Lower Your Medical Answering Service Bill

medical answering service bill

Healthcare providers are stuck between rising costs and lower reimbursement rates. This can trigger a cost-cutting initiative. When considering this, remember that the cost of a medical answering service is a small fraction of what it would take to hire an office receptionist. It’s a veritable bargain with a high-value return that patients appreciate. Yet […]

Why Medical Answering Services Matter

healthcare industry

Some doctors don’t care who’s answering their phone, as long as it’s answered. This view is shortsighted, as the doctor’s career and their practice’s success are at stake. That’s why it’s critical to hire a quality answering service. But beyond hiring a quality answering service is to hire a quality medical answering service. Here’s why […]

How Long Does It Take to Start Using a Medical Answering Service?

start answering service

How long should it take to start an answering service once you decide you want to move forward? That’s a great question. Some medical answering services claim to be able to do this in just a few minutes, while others take three or four days. Beware of both extremes. Here’s why. How to Start Service […]

Do You Want Your Answering Service to Be a Generalist or a Specialist

medical answering service specialist

Most telephone answering services will take on a wide range of clientele, from roofer, to funeral home, to property management company, to consultant, to attorney. Oh yeah, they’ll handle healthcare too. Really? These answering services try to be all things to all people. They’re generalists. Some do okay on it and others not so well. […]

How to Avoid Long-Distance Charges When Forwarding Your Phone to Your Answering Service

avoid long-distance charges

Some healthcare professionals want to deal with a local medical answering service, even though they could use an answering service located anywhere across the United States. The reasons for their preference vary, but one common motive is that using a local provider eliminates long-distance calls when they forward their phone to their answering service. Depending […]

How Long Do Your Callers Really Wait on Hold?

on Hold

When we call someone, we want them to answer our call quickly. Many medical answering services focus on this basic desire. They assert that they answer all calls fast. They might claim to answer within one ring or maybe two. Or they may state that they answer every call within a certain number of seconds. […]

What’s the Value of a Phone Call to a Medical Practice or Clinic?

value of phone call

    We’ve already looked at the factors to consider when calculating the ROI of hiring a medical answering service. But the success of your healthcare organization is about more than numbers; it’s also about people. Cost aside, there’s a human aspect to providing a great telephone experience for your callers and patients. Though this […]

Help Your Senior Patients to be Healthier by Encouraging Screenings

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin’s words are particularly relevant for your senior patients, who can avoid or at least minimize serious health issues with proactive wellness screenings. Getting them to follow this advice can be another story entirely. While preventive care means better health for your patients and […]