How to Master Change

how to master change

Change occurs rapidly in the healthcare industry, perhaps more so than any other area. Just consider the vast number of changes that occurred within the past year. The list can overwhelm. That’s why it’s important to master change.  Most of these changes came from external pressures that forced a response. The healthcare industry, as well […]

Tips in Selecting a Medical Answering Service: Not All Providers Are the Same

medical answering service

Don’t Shop on Price   The cost of a product or service is something that everyone readily understands. It’s easy to ask and tangible. You can write it down or put it in a spreadsheet. You can run calculations and make projections. Price provides a straightforward way to compare the cost of two providers. It’s also […]

Moving toward a New Normal

moving toward a new normal

You have no doubt heard the phrase “moving toward a new normal.” It carries with it a vague and uncomfortable realization that what once was may no longer be. The ideas of working from home, social distancing, and self-quarantine are not likely temporary phenomena that we will one day move beyond. These concepts may form […]

Achieve Call Forwarding Success

call forwarding success

Call forwarding is a great service provided by your telephone company that allows you to reroute your calls to your medical answering service whenever you want them to answer for you. You use call forwarding each time you go to lunch and when you leave for the day. You may also forward calls to your […]

Does Your Medical Answering Service Stand the Test of Time?

decades of service

We are in the middle of an unprecedented situation. It’s affecting everyone, but the healthcare industry stands at the epicenter of it. They feel the pressure more profoundly than anyone else. As practices, clinics, and healthcare facilities struggle to grapple with this trying situation of meeting increased patient demand, often with less staff and under […]

Who Should You Trust Your Phone To?

advanced medical call center

Medical practices and healthcare organizations place a lot of emphasis on how patient interactions occur. They strive to do everything they can to address patient health issues and make the experience as positive as possible. To do this they address each touch point within the facility to make sure each contact is a positive and […]

What If You Need More Than a Medical Answering Service?

professional medical call center

Medical telephone answering services answer phone calls from your patients, take their messages, and process those messages according to your specifications. This is simple enough and straightforward. But what if you need a company that will do more than just take messages? What if you need more than a medical answering service? A Medical Call […]

How Does Your Medical Answering Service Provide Quality Service?

provide quality service

Telephone answering services like to talk about quality service, but for too many of them quality doesn’t move from words to reality. Yet quality service doesn’t happen by accident. It requires intentionality. Here are some steps that the best medical answering services take to provide quality service: Review Calls A key step in the effort […]

Does Your Medical Answering Service Deliver Quality Service?

deliver quality service

Look at your telephone answering service’s website. If it’s like most answering services, it trumpets their commitment to quality. This talk about quality may also come up in their literature, email communication, and even invoices. Yet does your answering service follow-through by providing the quality they talk about? Do they deliver quality service, or do […]

Does Your Medical Call Center Focus on Complaint Resolution or Quality Assurance?

quality assurance program

It’s the human beings who staff a call center that make the difference, providing personalized service that callers crave and expect. And since no one is perfect, mistakes do happen from time to time.  The question is, how often do mistakes occur? Are errors the exception or the norm? The answer to this question reveals […]