Is Your Medical Answering Service an Asset or a Liability?

medical answering service

If you view your medical answering service as a necessary evil for your practice, clinic, or healthcare facility, then one of two things are clear. Either you have the wrong perspective about the role they play, or you have the wrong answering service. When you have the right medical answering service handling your calls, they’re […]

Select a Medical Answering Service That’s Available When You Need It

Medical Answering Service

Some answering services place restrictions on when you can use them. Perhaps you picked a rate plan that locks you into a certain schedule that doesn’t allow for variations. And some answering services don’t answer holiday calls unless you specify that you need them to. Or maybe you signed up for after-hours coverage, only to […]

Practice Tips: Help Physicians Stay on Schedule

Take The Stress Out Of The Office Is your office lagging behind, leaving patients frustrated and staff clambering to catch up throughout the day? You may be overlooking scheduling essentials that can help physicians more effectively manage patients in a timely manner. What type of techniques are commonly practiced at punctual offices? Show up early.It […]