Is Your Medical Answering Service Ready to Back You Up?

office hours back up

Most medical practices and healthcare providers use a medical answering service to handle their calls outside of their regular business hours. This is the most common reason for hiring an answering service. But what happens if you need your answering service to back you up during the day? Will they be ready to provide office […]

Practice Tips: Help Physicians Stay on Schedule

Take The Stress Out Of The Office Is your office lagging behind, leaving patients frustrated and staff clambering to catch up throughout the day? You may be overlooking scheduling essentials that can help physicians more effectively manage patients in a timely manner. What type of techniques are commonly practiced at punctual offices? Show up early.It […]

Prevent Drama In the Office by Using These Summer Vacation Scheduling Tips

Preventing Office Drama People with a well balanced life tend to feel better about their careers and take pride in their work. Just like the stresses of work often lead to strain and problems in the private lives of many people, having a rich, rewarding personal life contributes to a more fulfilled work life. Vacations […]

Use Advanced Voice Mail to Enhance Your Office Communications

Voice Mail

When it comes to the telephone, most everyone prefers to talk to a person rather than interact with a machine. Yet sometimes, and for some applications, an automated approach is the right approach. This is where advanced voice mail comes in. With advanced voice mail you can enjoy a rich array of call-processing options, coupled […]

Teach Your Office Staff Better Phone Etiquette

Are your doctor answering services positively or negatively Affecting your business? The best call centers know phone etiquette and customer service are essential to patient retention. Phone tips from the pros who know point to these 7 etiquette essentials: