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Let Your Answering Service Answer Your Calls in Uncertain Times

We live and exist in an era of uncertainty. This is no truer than for the healthcare industry, which is on the front lines, adapting to ever-changing expectations and healthcare best practices. As your practice, clinic, or healthcare facility grapples to adapt, don’t overlook the possible role that your venerable medical answering service can take […]

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Discover What a Medical Answering Service Can Do for You

If you take your medical practice seriously, you should take your answering service seriously too. Though some in the healthcare industry dismiss their answering service as unimportant, the wise practitioners view their answering service as an integral part of their practice or clinic. Why is that? Because your answering service is your primary contact for […]

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5 Easy Steps to Build Patient Satisfaction with Your Practice

Build Patient Satisfaction Patient satisfaction has many components besides positive outcomes from the care they receive. Excellent customer service and communication helps retain patients, improve online reviews, and elevate the practices standing in the community. Here are 5 important tips for you and your staff to improve patient satisfaction rates:  Great first impressions. Patients may […]

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