Communication Is Key to Success of Concierge Practice

Concierge medical practices are trending in healthcare. Physicians are finding that many patients are willing to pay a premium for more personalized healthcare. In concierge medicine, patients typically pay an annual fee or retainer in exchange for enhanced medical care and greater access to the physician. The type of care and level of physician access can vary greatly between concierge practices but in some cases has included physician house calls and the ability to text physicians directly.

Appeal of Concierge Medicine

Patients seeking a closer, more personal relationship with their physician have responded positively to the new medical practice model, as have physicians and not just for the financial benefits. Many physicians have been disturbed by the growing impersonalization of medicine. Stymied by insurance dictates and hospital assimilation, many physicians see the reason they first got into medicine slipping away. Concierge medicine restores the close doctor-patient relationship that both doctors and patients seek.

Communication Is Key

If you’re considering moving into concierge medicine, here are a few things to consider:

Communication is the key to building close relationships with your patients. Concierge patients expect an immediate and personal response when they call their doctor’s office. A professional live operator call answering service can provide the immediate response and personal response your concierge patients demand.

Concierge patients expect greater personal access to their physician. HIPAA-compliant secure messaging services allow you to communicate safely by text, making it possible to quickly handle multiple personal communications with patients.

Patients expect benefits not available from other practices. Voice mail services can be used to provide daily healthcare tips or alert patients about screening and other healthcare opportunities.

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