Dealing with an Poor Online Patient Review

In the pre-Internet days, publicity about physicians and medical practices was largely word-of-mouth. With the growth of social media, online comments are preserved for a potential audience of millions. It’s inevitable that at some point you’ll receive a negative review. Do you have a policy established for dealing with these notices?

For better or worse, online reviews are here to stay. Consumers are turning to them more frequently for recommendations. Here are some tips on ways to address and defuse negative online feedback.

  • Many sites such as Yelp allow you to respond to patient comments. Posting a note acknowledging the complaint and expressing your concern will go a long way toward offsetting the negative remarks. It demonstrates a genuine concern for your patients and an interest in providing a satisfactory experience.
  • Use the comments as a yardstick to evaluate your practice and find areas that need improvement. You may find that an online poster has a valid complaint alerting you to a problem than may otherwise have gone unnoticed.
  • Encourage your satisfied customer to post their own reviews. Negative comments carry less weight when they’re outnumbered by positive ones.
  • Preventing patient unhappiness is the most effective way to avoid negative reviews in the first place. You should always be evaluating your practice for ways to maximize customer service.

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