Dealing with Emergencies on the Phone

For people making an emergency call, one of the best qualities of medical answering services is the calming and controlled voice on the other end.

The best operators are trained in how to handle all types of calls but emergencies require particular tact and talent. A caller undergoing unusual stress or fear might shout, cry, say inappropriate things, forget their address or have some other issue that can interfere with getting the information for the doctor.

An operator’s job is to stay calm, remain courteous, and know exactly what information to request at the right moment.

Consider a medical answering service that is …

  • Based in the United States. A medical answering service that outsources to India or other countries can face a gap in understanding and communication when speed and accuracy are in demand.
  • Available 24/7. Because an emergency can happen anytime, the ideal answering service can provide trained operators around the clock.
  • Committed to compliance. The ideal medical answering service provides ongoing HIPAA training and  a complete policy and procedures manual in place, which dictates how operators respond in emergency calls. By abiding by these procedures, these services offer clients more protection from potential HIPAA violations.

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MedConnectUSA provides every operator with 80 hours of training before he or she takes the first call. After they are provided with the required training, they are required to spend another 160 hours under the direct supervision of their trainer to ensure that they are up to standards.

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