Even in the Digital World the Personal Touch Matters

Technology has become so sophisticated that you can do your grocery shopping, sign up for car insurance and check out a library book without ever leaving your recliner. Customers pay bills and manage their mutual funds over the phone without hearing a single live voice. Despite this digital efficiency, or maybe because of it, the personal touch still matters in customer service.

While it may sound counterintuitive, electronic communication is surprisingly intimate. The growth of portable devices such as smartphones and tablets allows us to be connected 24/7. You can be online whether you’re on vacation, riding a bus or eating dinner. These connections become an extension of your everyday life.

Even the use of the term “connected” to describe electronic communication indicates our desire for interaction. We might use impersonal means, but we want to have a real human on the other end, not a robot. Technology is efficient, but to date it still can’t compete with a flesh-and-blood person in terms of responsiveness.

If your office is engaged in social media, employ it to build relationships with your customers as though you were chatting face-to-face. Use conversational language instead of impersonal, cookie-cutter postings. Encourage open discussions and respond promptly to questions and concerns. 

When it comes to your phone system, voice mail and answering machines are convenient but there’s no replacement for the sound of a live voice. Individuals calling your office are often feeling vulnerable due to an emergency or serious problem. Talking to a recording only increases their frustration and helplessness.

MedConnectUSA provides medical answering services staffed by experienced, dependable operators. They’re fully trained in all aspects of responding to medically related calls, including HIPAA-compliant practices. Please contact us today and help your customers regain that personal touch.