General Practioners and the Real World of Medicine

When beginning their medical career, physicians traditionally take the Hippocratic oath. In doing so, they swear to practice honestly and for the good of their patients to the best of of their ability and judgment. In the real world of medicine, is there sometimes a disconnect between general practitioners and their patients?

While healthcare is the “product” provided by physicians, their practice is run for profit. As such, it’s run much like any other company, with schedules, budgets and projections. Fairly or not, despite the fact that general practitioners charge for their services, people often feel that healthcare providers exist almost as a charity rather than a business.

This scenario is currently playing out over in England, where sweeping changes in their publicly funded National Health Service are allowing general practitioners to accept a greater number of private patients. People seeking treatment are starting to run up against rigid appointment rules and seemingly random days of office closures.

Can the need to turn a profit co-exist with providing optimum patient care? The most successful businesses are the ones that offer solutions for their customers’ needs. A general practitioner’s business is no different. Treating patients with respect and empathy is the one of the best ways to develop a loyal clientele.

Your patients will appreciate having their calls answered by a friendly live voice rather than a cold pre-recorded one. Our MedConnectUSA operators are HIPAA-compliant and receive ongoing training to stay current with all regulations. Call 888.216.8482 to learn more about how we can create a program to meet your particular needs.