Give Yourself a Gift That Gives All Year Long

give yourself a gift

This is a time of year when we give gifts to others, buying presents for family, friends, and staff. But once you’ve covered these three groups of people, you can also give a gift to yourself. This year, give yourself a gift that doesn’t go bad, doesn’t get used up, and doesn’t ever have to be returned. 

Give yourself a gift of a reliable doctors answering service this year. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. It’s a gift that lasts all year long. 

Around-the-Clock Accessibility  

When you give yourself a gift of a 24/7 doctors answering service, you provide around-the-clock accessibility for your patients and callers. Though it’s a gift for you, it’s also a gift for them.

This means that whenever someone calls your practice, clinic, or healthcare facility, they’ll talk to a real person. This shows respect to them as an individual and as a healthcare consumer. 

Though you can achieve this always-available readiness with automated technological solutions, taking this shortcut won’t endear you to your patients. You’ll never hear someone gush over how excited they were that they reached a recording when they called your office. But you will hear them occasionally take time to thank you for the empathetic, listening ear of the telephone professional at your doctors answering service.

Dependable On-Call Management

Being in the healthcare industry requires you be available for emergencies. To keep every practitioner from always being on call to handle urgent healthcare matters that can’t wait until the office opens, the wise approach is to share the load, with an on-call rotation. 

This allows most people to enjoy uninterrupted personal time when they’re not seeing patients in the office, letting other healthcare providers focus for a time on handling all on-call situations. Then someone else takes over for them, and they get a break.

Yet on-call responsibilities can become a nightmare when the on-call person receives too many nonurgent calls. Or when those who are not on call are contacted anyway. 

A professional doctors answering service can solve these dilemmas. 

They’ll carefully follow your protocol to only contact the on-call person with situations that truly fit your emergency criteria. They’ll also adhere to your on-call schedule, only contacting the designated on-call personnel or their backups, as needed. 

This year give yourself a gift of dependable on-call management.

Professional Telephone Communication

Another chief benefit of when you give yourself a gift of an accomplished doctors answering service to handle your after-hours calls is that their trained staff will provide professional telephone communication to your patients and callers. Most after-hours calls to your organization occur from people who have a need—often a critical one—that can’t wait until your office opens the next business day. 

This means that their call starts with a heightened sense of need. If they encounter an unreliable answering machine or inflexible voicemail system, their agitation will only increase. And if you’re the first person they talk to, they’ll dumped their frustration on you. Yet if a telephone professional, a real person, talks to them first, this can serve to lessen your patients’ concern and deescalate their agitation.


This year, after giving gifts to the important people in your life, give yourself a gift too. Give yourself the gift of a professional healthcare answering service to handle your after-hours phone calls throughout the year.

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