Go for the Gold: Productivity Tips from Olympic Athletes

The Olympic flame may have been extinguished in Sochi, but the amazing feats of athleticism we witnessed will linger in memory. Athletes don’t achieve Olympic perfection without years of hard work and an ability to maximize their productivity. From the effort Sochi Olympians put into their quest for gold, we can learn some valuable lessons. As Folgers noted in its Olympics commercial: Their chance to shine comes every four years. Yours comes every day.

With that in mind, use these tips from Olympic winners to boost the productivity of your medical office staff and go for the gold!

Come to work well rested.

Power up with a healthy breakfast. Keep a stash of energy bars and fresh fruit in the break room to give your staff a healthy energy boost.

Focus on one task at a time. Multitasking may sometimes be necessary, but it decreases productivity. Every time your brain switches gears, productivity takes a hit. Call answering is the No. 1 drain on medical office productivity. Using a professional call answering service to answer and triage phone calls can significantly boost your staff’s productivity.

Hold regular training sessions to coach your staff on new HIPAA compliance procedures. All MedConnect USA operators are HIPAA trained.

At MedConnectUSA, our medical call center operators go for the gold every day. Professional call answering services take the pressure off your medical office staff so they can spend more time focusing on patient care and other duties. Always courteous, understanding and helpful, our HIPAA-trained operators work hard to ensure that your patients feel well taken care of and connected to your practice. When you want gold metal service, call MedConnectUSA. We provide award-winning medical call answering and secure messaging services to healthcare providers.