Elevating the Role of the Telephone on Healthcare

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In recent months we’ve seen the telephone rise in importance for the healthcare industry. With the push to do fewer things in person, the need arises to do more things remotely. In this, the telephone has risen to the occasion to become a critical communication tool for the healthcare industry in this new era of social distancing and minimizing physical contact.

And just as the telephone is now taking an increased role in the provision of healthcare, the trusty medical call center can take an enhanced role in handling the increased load of phone calls. Just as the telephone is the solution for healthcare, the call center is the solution for the telephone. Now let’s brainstorm to consider how the venerable healthcare call center can help your healthcare facility or organization better deal with the increased load of telephone calls.

Ask Yourself 

Begin with yourself. You may already have an idea in mind. Start there. 

Then look at present communication pain points and dream about how your healthcare call center can help alleviate the stress and allow your office to function more effectively.

Ask Your Staff

Turn to your staff and ask them what ideas they have on how your healthcare call center can help you better deal with the increased volume of calls that have occurred in recent months—and will continue to occur in the months ahead, as well as into the foreseeable future.

They will, no doubt, have suggestions—great suggestions. They were just waiting for you to ask for their input. It’s likely they’ve already put a fair amount of thought into their idea and have worked out many of the details. All they need is your backing to move forward. Give it to them.

Ask Your Healthcare Call Center

If you work with a healthcare-centric call center, however, they may be your best source for innovative solutions for today’s problems—that is, for today’s “opportunities.” Over the years they’ve worked with hundreds of healthcare clients across the vast spectrum of the industry. In serving this diverse range of players within the healthcare sector, they’ve faced all manner of challenges and have addressed these situations with innovative solutions to tackle unique, unprecedented scenarios.

With this wealth of knowledge, they may have already faced and responded to a situation like yours. They can apply what they’ve done before to what you need now. There’s no point reinventing something they’ve already proven to work. Just tell them what you require, want to accomplish, or where you’re struggling with healthcare communication. Then let them take the lead role in coming up with the ideal solution tailored to your specific situation.


As the telephone continues to take on an enhanced role in the healthcare industry, turn to your 100 percent medical call center to provide the precise services you need to best serve your patients and callers.

Learn how healthcare call center services from MedConnectUSA can help your practice, clinic, or facility. Then get a free quote to discover how affordable their healthcare communication services are. Peter Lyle DeHaan is a freelance writer and call center authority.