Do You Want a Call Center That Is a Generalist or a Specialist?

specialty call center

In the healthcare industry, doctors have a choice of being a general practitioner or focusing on one specialty. Both are viable pursuits depending on the preferences and goals of each person. A generalist will cover an array of medical needs and must have a basic familiarity across a wide range of healthcare services. In contrast, a specialist focuses on one healthcare niche, developing a deep understanding of all things relating to that specialty.

A parallel consideration occurs with call centers. Some call centers are generalists and others are specialists. 

A Generic Call Center

A general-purpose call center processes call across all industries. They know the basics of answering calls and supplying generic customer service that can apply at a rudimentary level to most any situation. As a trade-off, they lack a deep understanding into any single industry. They can cover the basics well, but that’s as far as it goes. These call centers know a little bit about everything. Customers who need more than basic call processing services need a specialty call center.

A Specialist Call Center

In contrast to a general-purpose call center, a specialty call center focuses on one industry. They have a depth of knowledge about that niche and wide experience serving the needs of their target market. They know a great deal about their selected industry. 

A Healthcare Call Center Specialist 

A prime example of a specialty call center is one that focuses exclusively on the healthcare industry. They know healthcare. They grasp what their medical-focused clients expect of them. And they understand the needs of the healthcare industry. In addition, they have extensive experience in handling the communication needs of their healthcare clients. 

What may present a problem to a generalist call center is an opportunity for these medical call center specialists. Few issues are new to them because they’ve dealt with them before. They can offer suggestions—workable solutions—to most any communication challenge that will confound most any generic call center.

Focus Matters When Lives and the Health of Patients Are at Stake 

If you care about the health outcomes of your patients, then you care about all aspects of the service you provide to them. This includes patient-facing communication. When considering this, don’t overlook the professionalism and quality of your call center. This starts by working with a call center that specializes in healthcare. Anything less will provide less to your patients. And that’s simply unacceptable.

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