Help Your Senior Patients to be Healthier by Encouraging Screenings

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin’s words are particularly relevant for your senior patients, who can avoid or at least minimize serious health issues with proactive wellness screenings. Getting them to follow this advice can be another story entirely.

While preventive care means better health for your patients and reduced healthcare costs, these visits also boost your bottom line as a reliable source of revenue. Not surprisingly, though, many senior patients don’t stay up-to-date on their screenings.

In some cases, people are generally reluctant to visit a physician for any reason, while others are simply unaware of recommended service schedules. Here are some ways you can help them remain current on preventive screenings.

  • Preventive care is often seen as too time-consuming. Work with your patients to consolidate services into one visit whenever possible.
  • Surveys show that more than three-quarters of older patients would schedule wellness services if prompted by a message from their physician. Electronic health record systems make it easy to keep track of a patient’s status in order to send reminders.
  • When contacting patients, be specific about indicating the most important service and how it should be completed. Offering a laundry list of procedures and options can be confusing, resulting in a lack of action.

Personalized attention goes a long way toward motivating your senior patients. Let our expert medical answering staff handle your call center needs, giving your office team time to focus on patient services. Visit our website to learn more about our individualized programs that fit any situation and budget.