How One Superstar Doctor Uses Social Media to Benefit Patients

Improving outcomes

In addition to using social media as a marketing tool, Campbell also uses social media to collaborate and stay connected with colleagues, as well as to educate and engage patients. In these roles, social media offers an array of advantages for medical professionals.

A powerful tool

Five years ago, when someone suggested he use social media, he immediately recognized its powerful marketing capabilities:

Education and outreach. Getting information in the hands of those in need is often a key challenge to improving health. Social media makes this delivery a snap.

Communicating with patients. Involving patients in the management of health issues from diabetes to hypertension gleans better outcomes when monitoring delves outside typical pen-and-paper modalities of tracking. The conversational attributes of social media also allow doctors to keep patients aware of and engaged in these and other integral facets of patient care, improving patient outcomes through involvement.

Networking with professionals. Social media allows for more rapid advancement of disease treatment and management with the ease of interaction it presents, allowing for rapid gathering and sharing of information between scientists and experts worldwide, that when made accessible to patients, can offer new opportunities for available treatments.

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