Is Tech Boosting or Dragging Down Your Productivity?

Is Technology Weighing Down Your Practice?

New technology requires a learning period and time of adjustment after implementation. Just as the painful, yet temporary, period of withdrawals keeps many people chained to their addictions, the frustrating and difficult interval of adapting new technology can make you question whether it is boosting or dragging down your practice’s productivity. Even established technology can hinder your business and may need reassessment.

Customer engagement

Automated communications are often impersonal and sometimes unclear. Email messages and recordings do not provide customers an opportunity to interact with a polite and caring person. That is why at MedConnectUSA our highly trained operators are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to provide your patients the personal care and attention they deserve.

Overdependent on tech

Studies have shown that overuse of technology can lead to a decline in critical thinking skills. When businesses rely too much on tech solutions, it can disrupt their entire business when there is an outage. Choose system that is flexible and allows your business to continue operating smoothly in any situation.


With any new technology, security should be a top priority. There is a lot of money to be made offering tech solutions that promise to improve productivity. Not all companies place proper emphasis on protecting patients information. Be sure you choose a HIPAA compliant service that specializes in medical-related messaging.

When you acquire a new technology solution, put it to the test. HIPAA and meaningful use both require risk analysis. A risk analysis is the best way to avoid any unexpected security breaches. Contact us at MedConnectUSA to discuss how we can improve patient relationships and enhance your practice.