Live Messaging Service Key to Patient-Centered Health Care

Patient-centered health care is gaining traction as an attractive solution to both better patient care and greater physician and patient satisfaction. A new patient-centered program being tested jointly by the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and the University of Southern California (USC) that is getting rave reviews from patients, physicians and nurses could serve as a national model for patient-centered health care.

Called Galaxy Health, the test program is designed to improve patient care and physician and staff morale, according to a review on of a recently published study on the effects of the ongoing joint effort. Using a coordinated team-based approach to patient care, Galaxy Health promotes fast access and constant communication between the patient and medical team.

Under the Galaxy program, patient satisfaction ratings increased from 48% to 65%; and satisfaction with urgent appointment scheduling rose dramatically from 12% to 53%. Medical team satisfaction also increased noticeably from 39% to 51%.

To be successful, patient-centered health care obviously hinges in large part on the efficiency and responsiveness of the medical call center selected to serve the medical office. Using a live answering service to connect patients and physicians and manage around-the-clock appointment scheduling supports patient-centered health care in two critical areas:

  • Enhances emphasis on the personal relationship between patient and doctor that is the cornerstone of patient-centered health care.
  • HIPAA-trained live operators are qualified to determine when a patient emergency dictates that normal protocols be overridden.

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