Does Your Answering Service Attempt to Be All Things to All People

medical specialty answering service

Do you think all telephone answering services are the same? They’re not. To the uninitiated, however, it’s hard to tell the difference until you use them for a couple months. And if you made a bad selection, that’s two months too late.

Most answering services in business today will take on any account they can. This means they end up serving a smorgasbord of clients. From one of these all-too-common answering services, the person who answers your phone could also handle calls for six plumbers, four roofing companies, two caterers, a one-man traveling circus, and who knows what else?

That’s a recipe for disaster, one that you will want to avoid if you value how your callers and patients are treated when your office is closed.

Generic Services Produce Low-Level Results 

These one-size-fits-all answering services are forced to offer a generic level of service. They can’t afford to specialize in one industry because they attempt to handle every industry. As a result, you can expect that they’ll answer your phone calls, take short messages, and do little else. This is because that’s what they do for every one of their customers. 

They cover the basic requirements and do little more. If the basics are all that matters to you, then go with one of these general-purpose answering services, but if your patients and the future of your practice matters, select a medical specialty answering service that focuses exclusively on the healthcare industry.

Specialization Produces Superior Results

To supply the outcomes your patients expect and you desire to deliver, you need a medical specialty answering service. Healthcare is all they do, and they do it well. They don’t distract themselves with the demands of plumbers, roofers, caterers, or the entertainment industry.

As leading-edge healthcare answering service providers, they know the latest trends and stay abreast of the ever-rising expectations of the medical industry. Just as you strive to stay well-informed about healthcare, don’t you want an answering service that is equally committed to healthcare and in serving you?

A Side Hussle or a Focus?

Although a few telephone answering services will decline to take on a customer in the healthcare industry, most will assure you that they can do so and are up to the task. If answering your calls and taking short messages is all you want, they’re probably right. They can likely handle that. But if you expect more from them—and you should—you need someone that focuses on healthcare and doesn’t view medical as a side hustle, along with dozens of other unrelated industries.


If you don’t care how your phone is answered after office hours or the treatment your patients receive, then go with any answering service, the kind that attempts to be all things to all people. But if quality communication and positive outcomes are important to you, go with a medical specialty answering service.

You’ll be glad you did.

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