More Office Tips on Beating the Winter Blues

If the relentless cold weather and gray skies have your medical office staff sinking into a blue funk, use the following tips to boost office morale and keep the winter blues at bay (see our previous post for more blues-beating tips):

Laugh! Laughter lifts the spirits. Sharing a belly laugh or even a good chuckle is an instant mood booster.

Create a happy wall in the break room and encourage your staff to share funny photos, jokes and stories that make them laugh.

Start the day with a smile by taking turns emailing a favorite LOL cat or other YouTube video to the entire staff first thing in the morning. By taking turns and limiting non-work computer sharing to once a day, you give everyone something to look forward to without sacrificing work productivity. Let your medical answering service pick up the phones so everyone can enjoy a few minutes together before plowing into the work day.

Get a little silly with a crazy socks day or ugly sweater day.

Celebrate! Mini celebrations break up the week and give everyone something to look forward to.

Brighten up the Monday grind by stocking the break room with flavored coffee and tea or a choice of flavored creamers. Keep it special by making it a Monday only treat.

Celebrate hump day (Wednesday) with chips and salsa, cookies, granola bars, ice cream bars or veggie spears and dip in the break room.

Spruce up the office with a bouquet of fresh flowers, an orchid or flowering potted plants. Flowers and greenery have a soothing effect on the human psyche and are a pleasant reminder that spring will eventually arrive.