Moving toward a New Normal

moving toward a new normal

You have no doubt heard the phrase “moving toward a new normal.” It carries with it a vague and uncomfortable realization that what once was may no longer be. The ideas of working from home, social distancing, and self-quarantine are not likely temporary phenomena that we will one day move beyond. These concepts may form our new normal, impacting all aspects of our life.

What does moving toward a new normal mean for our organizations, jobs, and life? It’s something that everyone must carefully navigate. Ignoring it will not make it go away. Change is inevitable as we move toward our new normal. 

Here are some considerations:

You May Not Have as Many People in Your Office 

With social distancing requirements, coupled with employees concerned about their health and safety, you may not have as many people in your office as you once did. This will place a greater workload on the staff who are there, possibly stretching them too thin or even beyond their breaking point. Everyone will feel stress from this. Don’t overlook the impact of this reality.

Some Staff Will Want to Work from Home

Instead of coming to your office to work, some employees will request to work from the safety of their homes. This is understandable given the risk that some people feel results from in-person contact. Not all jobs, however, are conducive to working from home. Though some duties can nicely make the transition to remote work, other assignments may require some accommodation, while still others cannot happen off-site.

Other Employees May Limit Their Hours 

In response to concerns over their well-being, some staff may request a lighter workload. That is, working fewer hours. This may come from the personal stress they feel about the situation. They may just not be able to work full-time as they once did. And this won’t just occur in the office setting. It can also happen in a home environment, with people having trouble balancing their work life and their personal life from the same location.

You May Face Challenges Fully Staffing Your Office

Given the apprehension that some people feel, they may opt to leave the workforce for a time or exit it permanently, opting for early retirement. This suggests that you may have difficulty filling open positions for the foreseeable future. 

In addition, those seeking work and applying for your open positions may be underqualified. You’ll face the dilemma of hiring a less-than-ideal candidate and hope they’ll work out or leaving the position unfilled.


The future holds uncertainty, more than usual. Moving toward a new normal involves challenges, questions, and the unknown. As you navigate the complexities of these changes, consider how a premier medical answering service or an advanced healthcare call center can help lift some of this burden from you.

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