New Call-Forwarding Assurance Service Minimizes Medical Office Liability

Call Forwarding Assurance is one of three new limited-scope services MedConnectUSA has just begun offering to meet the needs of medical offices and healthcare providers that do not require full-service call answering and messaging services. Each of our new services Ready Assist automated phone answering, Voice Mail and Call Forwarding Assurance — addresses a specific communications need, allowing our customers to choose only the services they need and use.

The perfect budget solution for smaller medical offices and independent healthcare providers, our attractively-priced a la carte answering and messaging services allow our customers to exercise greater control over their communications expenses. But perhaps more important to small providers and independents, our new services come with valuable operator backup.

Operator backup minimizes potential liability should your system fail to operate properly. For example, with our new Call Forwarding Assurance service our experienced operators will call your office number at predetermined times to confirm that your calls are being forwarded to MedConnectUSA. You decide how often and when we check your line. If we find that your line is not being forwarded, we can usually take immediate action to correct the problem so your staff doesn’t have to return to the office. If we are unable to forward the line, we can notify your staff immediately and document the issue.

Our experienced operators back you up so you don’t have to worry about missed or dropped calls if you forget to forward your office phones or the phone company disconnects forwarding when performing system updates. Call Forwarding Assurance offers the security and peace of mind that comes with knowing that we’re keeping an eye on things to make sure your call forwarding service is operating correctly. Visit our website for complete details on all our new answering and messaging services.