New Voice Mail Service Expand Call Answering and Messaging Options

New Voice Mail Service

MedConnectUSA has just rolled out a trio of exciting new medical call answering and messaging services. Our new Ready Assist, Voice Mail and Call Forwarding Assurance services are designed to offer cost-effective communications options for healthcare providers and medical practices that require only limited call answering or messaging services. While limited in scope to meet our customer’s specific needs, our new services provide the same reliability, security and HIPAA compliance advantages that have made MedConnectUSA an award-winning leader in the field of medical call answering.

In our previous post, we discussed the advantages of our new Ready Assist automated call answering service with operator backup. Today, we introduce our new Voice Mail Services and will talk about our new Call Forwarding Assurance service next time.

Voice Mail. Our new Voice Mail service is the perfect choice for healthcare providers who rely on voice mail but do not require additional call answering or messaging services. Through our national telecommunications network, MedConnectUSA can provide voice mail numbers in any part of the country at lower prices than those charged by phone companies. In addition to patient calls, our voice mail service can be programmed to handle prescription renewal requests, lab result call-ins, general information, employment lines and more.

We offer two levels of Voice Mail service:

Standard service provides a local number with a maximum two-minute outgoing greeting, instant voice mail to email message delivery, and a web portal for viewing call records.

Premium service provides a toll-free number with caller ID and 411 listing. Significantly increasing the value, convenience and versatility of voice mail services, our premium service includes extended outgoing greeting, auto attendant, auto receptionist, find/follow, call screening, message notification, call recording, live operator oversight and more.

Visit our website for complete details on all our new services.Visit our website for complete details on all our new services.