No-Call/No-Shows Costing You? Trim the Fat with Text Messaging Appointment Reminders

You employ the help of medical call center services to keep you informed of patient needs, but are you keeping patients informed of yours? ­Missed appointment are bad for everyone, mucking up the works for your staff and your patients. Unfortunately, reminder postcards get mixed-up in the mail, your unfamiliar number (and phone reminders) unanswered, and email alerts immediately allocated to a spam wasteland. Wish there was a better way? There is: Transactional text messaging reminders.

A little different, a lot to like.

Unlike marketing messages, transactional messages which facilitate, confirm, or complete a previously agreed upon transaction aren’t bound by consent. Transactional messages include appointment and checkup reminders but do NOT include reminders to schedule upcoming appointments, inform patients of new services (advertising), or health tips, which require patient consent by law.

Getting patients on-board.

Thankfully, getting patients involved is an easy feat, especially when you explain how these reminders not only help keep the waiting room moving at the right pace, but protect against unnecessary costs.

Implementation is simple and easy:

Take advantage of one-on-one scheduling time.
As patients checkout or reschedule, ask if they’d like to sign-up for appointment reminders via text, verifying their cell number. You can also ask about marketing texts and get consent at this time.

Add a waiting room display. Engage your captive audience with a prominently placed sign containing simple instructions for sign-up: Now offering convenient text messaging reminders! Sign-up for appointment reminders, health tips, and more! Text: DRGREEN to 555-1111.

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