OB/GYN Answering Service

OB/GYN specialized medical answering service. Provide your OBGYN patients with compassionate care!

As an OB/GYN office, it is of the utmost importance to choose a medical answering service that understands the urgency and sensitivity of the calls you receive both during and after hours. At MedConnectUSA our medical answering service operators receive specialized training specifically in handling calls for OB/GYN offices. Operators undergo training in terminology, compassion, and what types of calls to expect from OBGYN patients.

A pregnant patient can need the help of their OB/GYN provider at any time day or night. At any moment an OBGYN patient can go into labor. As all OBGYN doctors and nurses know, these emergencies do not wait for anyone. You need a medical answering service that you can depend on, for the patients that depend on you! When using our medical answering service, your office calls will always be answered by knowledgeable and compassionate operators who know what information you will need to assist your patients efficiently.

The professional operators who would be handling calls for your office have received training specific to well-baby reports. After 30+ years as a strictly medical answering service, we understand the importance of well-baby reports and the importance of gathering all the information the OB/GYB provider will want when receiving this information. The doctor can also specify what information our operators should gather for these types of calls. The information we gather can be customized to meet the specifications of any OBGYN provider. We know not every doctor handles their calls the same and that customizing the information you receive can be very important.

While after-hours calls for OB/GYN offices can be of the utmost importance, calls during office hours are equally important as well. The medical answering service professionals at MedConnectUSA can make sure every call to your OBGYN office is answered and patients do not have to wait on hold. You can even still allow your in-house staff to take the calls if they are available. If your office staff or receptionist is helping the patients in front of them and cannot answer, the call will roll over to our friendly professional operators. Allow your staff to focus on the patients you are seeing without the stress of making sure every call for your OB/GYN practice is answered.

If you are looking to provide your OB/GYN patients with the best women’s health and pregnancy care possible, then you cannot afford to miss a single call, even on a 24-hour basis. MedConnectUSA can provide your OBGYN office with 24-hour coverage that will help reduce the stress of your employees and patients. Patients that are in the office can have the undivided attention of your staff and your staff do not have to worry about phone calls when they are talking with patients.

Since OB/GYN calls are so important, your medical doctors, nurses, midwives, and other OB/GYB office staff will be happy to know that all the information our operators gather, and everything our operators do with the calls and messages are automatically uploaded to our client web portal and available for you to see the moment our operator hangs up a call. You will be able to see what operator took the message, when, and who the sent the message was sent to.

Even though every call that comes into an OB/GYN office needs to be answered with urgency as if there is an emergency, not every call is urgent. Our professional medical answering service operators will follow the instructions provided by your OBGYN office to make sure your doctors are only being contacted for the types of calls they would like to receive. OBGYN doctors will be able to rest easy knowing they will not be bothered by the calls to reschedule appointments or other matters that can wait.

If you are looking for a medical answering service that will take the calls for your OB/GYN office as seriously as you do, then you are looking at the right place. Contact us today to see what we can do for your OBGYN office.