Practice Tip: Help Your Patients Prepare for Summer Vacation Travel

Foreign Travel Tips

Vacationing in a foreign country is thrilling, but the excitement can turn to fear if a serious illness or injury should strike. Take some of the stress away from your patients by helping them prepare for such a possibility. Share these medical emergency tips that will remove much of the uncertainty of facing a health issue far from home.

Use government resources Did you know that you can register foreign travel plans on the State Department’s website? It takes only a couple of minutes and allows the government to expedite treatment if necessary. The website also features general travel tips as well as information about medical resources outside the United States. Make sure you know how to contact the U.S. Embassy in the countries you visit and have emergency contacts listed in your passport.

Have necessary medical documentation on hand Bring along any documentation that may help a healthcare provider treat you effectively. Avoid the hassle of carrying confidential paperwork around by scanning it ahead of time and emailing it to yourself so you have digital copies that can be pulled up wherever there is Internet access.

Consider traveler’s insurance Depending on your health insurance policy, medical bills issued in a foreign country are probably not covered. Expenses can grow quickly, especially if you need to be evacuated back to the U.S. If you have a chronic health condition that may cause an emergency, look into temporary health insurance policies that will cover you in foreign countries.

Make sure your patients have the reassurance of efficient assistance for any emergencies back home. Contact us to learn more about our 24-hour live medical call center programs.