Save on Medical Call Answering Services with New Ready Assist

We are pleased to announce the launch of MedConnectUSA’s new Ready Assist medical call answering service. A unified communications platform, Ready Assist features a completely automated answering system with the added security of operator back up on an as-needed basis. Designed to meet the needs of smaller medical practices and healthcare offices that do not require full-time live operator call answering, our new Ready Assist service offers reliable call answering services at a significant cost savings.

How It Works

MedConnectUSA’s new Ready Assist service allows each healthcare provider to set up the automated call answering system to meet the specific needs of his office. Our operators answer calls only if your office does not respond within the time period you have specified.

How We’re Different

Ready Assist differs from competing services by providing the option to involve a live operator at any point in the automated system. You never have to worry about missed calls. Should the automated system be unable to locate or connect with your on-call staff, our HIPAA-trained operators will answer the call from our professional call centers located right here in the U.S.

Additional Benefits

Like all MedConnectUSA call answering services, Ready Assist is 100% HIPAA compliant.

Ready Assist offers you call answering options. You can choose to connect certain callers, such as other physicians or hospital staff, directly to your office while directing patients, pharmacies and labs to the automated system for screening.

With Ready Assist you never have to worry about dropped messages. Our system will continue to attempt to reach you until you respond or the call is bumped up to our operators who will follow your contact instructions.

Ready Assist offers high-quality, cost-effective call answering options for smaller medical offices. Visit our website for more details.