24-7-Medical Answering Service

Medical Call Center

The backbone of MedConnectUSA is our medical answering service. We offer a full range of automated and live-operator options.  We operate 24 hours a day, every day of the year including holidays.  So your patients are always connected.  We also offer Call forwarding assurance as a part of our medical answering service. This means that we will monitor the phone lines.  If they are not being answered we will answer them.   If you know things get a little busy around certain times, have us, monitor!  This will assure your front desk can handle all the needs of your patients.  Read More.

Medical Answering Service There When You Need Us

Often times the front desk staff have more than just answering phone calls and scheduling patients to do.  This is where we can step in as your virtual front desk support and assist.  This ensures you won’t lose any valuable patients due to not taking the call.  Our call center personnel are trained in in-taking of new patients as well.  This is a valuable service that helps you grow your company while you are providing for your company.

We’ll create a solution specifically for your office.  We work with offices of all sizes as well as national groups.  Whether that involves after-hours phone answering, backup support during office hours, or any combination of services. We are a medical answering service ready to work for you.

100% US-Based, Never Outsourced Medical Answering Service


All our operators work in one of our US-based call centers. We never outsource calls to other providers, and we never use overseas medical answering service operators.  This ensures your patients will be able to clearly understand them.  Patients appreciate being able to speak to someone in their native language that understands them.

We offer national coverage for those that have multiple locations, this isn’t an issue.  Our medical answering service operators do not work from home.  This allows us to have better control of your patients information.  This is important to HIPAA rules and regulations.

Fully Trained, Experienced Operators


Every MedConnectUSA our medical answering service operator receives 80 hours of training before they answer their first call.  And, they get an additional 160 hours of direct supervision before they answer calls independently. We teach them how to interact with patients.  This means they are trained to:

  • deliver professional service
  • how to safeguard patient privacy
  • comply with all HIPAA requirements.

We are 100% HIPAA Compliant.  And, we offer on-going training for HIPAA to ensure the patient information stay private.  This is important to you as well as us.   Working with only the medical industry allows us to better train our staff on the importance of HIPAA.  We don’t work with any other industry and work with a variety of different offices in the Medical field.  These can be Chiropractors, Doctors, Therapists or Dentists to name a few.

Customized Reporting for your Medical Answering Service


We issue reports daily, weekly or monthly to show you the benefits of having a call center.  This also helps you monitor your cost.  Getting your clients what they need but not over the budget.  Finding that perfect fit for your medical answering service is important. That’s why we offer this monitoring service to you.


Our most popular medical answering service designed for offices with up to 10 providers.  These offices have one or two people on-call schedule. Calls answered by the fourth ring with a customized greeting.  There are minimal hold times before transferring to a live operator.


Designed for offices with up to 1000 providers and complex on-call schedules. Calls answered by the fourth ring with a customized greeting.  There are minimal hold times before transferring to a live operator. Callers are not placed back on hold except to connect them with a provider.


Designed for hospitals and large medical clinics. All calls answered are by a live operator within 30 seconds. Callers are not placed on hold except to connect them with a provider. Dispatching is immediate once the call is complete.

Pre-screen, voice mail and operator assisted services

Clients who do not require an operator to answer every call can use our pre-screening service.  This helps deliver affordable medical answering service. Calls are answered on the first ring by an automated attendant.  And your callers hear your personalized greeting.  The greeting can include office hours and other important information to help screen calls before they go to a live operator. Depending on your preferences, the callers have options.  They can choose to speak to an operator, leave a voice mail, or use automated phone support options.