Teambuilding Games for Your Next Staff Meeting

Starting off staff meetings with a teambuilding game can get meetings off to a positive start, loosen everyone up, and get their creative juices flowing. Offering medical and dental offices multiple benefits, teambuilding exercises can:

  • Help staff members get to know each other better.
  • Enhance staff communication.
  • Encourage friendly workplace interactions.
  • Create a more positive and supportive office atmosphere.

In choosing teambuilding games, office managers should consider activities that will help them meet staff goals. For example, you might choose a get-to-know you game to help integrate a new staff member. To address work errors, choose a game that illustrates how one small error can mushroom into bigger problems.

Teambuilding games are teaching tools that can be used to train your medical office staff to be more responsive to patients and work together more effectively. Give these teambuilding games a try (follow the site links for more games):

  • Take What You Need, a get-to-know you game from Sit in a circle and pass around a roll of toilet paper. Tell everyone to take what they need. Each person must then share a brief fact about herself for every square taken.

  • Sneak a Peek, a cooperation game from Divide into teams. Give each team a bag of identical children’s blocks. One member from each team gets 10 seconds to view a hidden block structure created by the leader. With only verbal directions each team must try to duplicate the structure. Continue with 10-second peeks until one group correctly duplicates the structure.

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