Three Tips to Improving Patient Retention

Attracting new patients to your practice is only half the battle. Thanks to factors like the Affordable Care Act and online access to information, it’s easier than ever for people to shop for medical care just like any other product or service.

It costs five times as much to bring in a new patient as it does to retain a current one. Use these three tips to inspire a loyalty that will keep your patients coming back in the future.

  • People don’t want to feel like they’re just a name on a medical chart. Show your patients how much you value them by considering them as clients. No matter how busy you are, treat each patient as though he or she is your only concern.
  • The popularity of sites like WebMD shows that people are constantly in search of healthcare information and tips. Become a trusted resource for your patients by providing accurate knowledge. Social media is a perfect platform for educating people. Start a blog, tweet links to reliable websites, or create a discussion forum on a Facebook page.
  • Your staff is part of the public face of your practice. Conduct regular training sessions to ensure a consistent level of service. Instituting a recognition program motivates your employees to become more invested in representing you well.

Excellent customer care extends to callers as well. Our trained and professional operators will assist your patients following your own high-quality standards. They’re also HIPAA-compliant to assure maximum security in all communications. Visit our website to learn how our services can be tailored to match your particular needs.