Three Tips to Improving Your Bed Side Manner

In the quest to provide the best patient care and outcomes, providers often look past relatively small details regarding bedside manner. From the patient’s perspective, doctors and other providers can greatly impact the customer service experience and even the quality of care received—research suggests better bedside manner leads to better long-term results.

Here are some tips for your health care practice to immediately impact bedside manner:

Pause your multitasking.

We all have a lot on our minds, but the patient relationship benefits when providers give individualized focus to each case. Patients notice when you split your attention. By carefully listening and responding with focused information and treatment advice, the patient will feel sense a greater level of investment in her case.

Establish an open, trusting environment.

Your health practice feels like a comfortable work environment to you, but patients tend to be sensitive and anxious regarding clinical surroundings. Closed doors behind you and ensure a sense of privacy. If patients seem shy or reserved, assume they may be uncomfortable with something that needs discussion. Match their body language and project an assuring, relaxing tone to allow for better communication.

Ask open-ended questions.

When patients only hear yes/no questions, they may feel as though they haven’t been given a chance to express concerns or describe symptoms. Open questions give patients a chance to speak freely and may result in gathering better information, too. For example, ask how an illness feels rather than whether one particular symptom is presenting.

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