Tips to Manage Prescription Drug Rep Visits

Prescription Drugs

The office is busy, phones are ringing, patients are signing in, and the prescription drug rep shows up. What to do? It’s important to see what the rep has to offer but the timing isn’t right. Having more than adequate answering service options can help keep your office running smoothly when unexpected interruptions occur.

On the other hand, has the rep taken the appropriate steps for setting up an appointment to discuss products with the people who make these decisions. Is your entire staff, including interns, up-to-date on office protocol?

With a few tips at hand, medical offices can handle all visitors without taking time away from patients. Medical offices and facilities can also ensure the safety of their patients by ensuring a policy is in place for visits by pharmaceutical sales reps.

  • All personnel who will come in contact with a sales rep should be made aware of their visit prior to their arrival.
  • When scheduling an appointment, the reps name, address, phone number, company name, and products they’re bringing and promoting should all be provided.
  • Staff must ensure the sales rep signs in, receives an identification badge, and personally escorted to their destination.
  • Reps should be made aware of any policies the medical facility has in place regarding what drugs are allowed inside the facility.
  • Only materials approved by the facility will be allowed to be distributed within the medical facility.
  • All samples must be approved, clearly marked, and stored, within the facility. Never within access of patients.

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